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To build value, performance and trust, CCL health services has laid down certain business principles. These have been established to guide members of our organization in delivering quality diagnostic services.
• We stand by our work approach that puts “ the customer first” Over 15 years of our experience tells us that if we
serve our clients well, success is the only outcome that follows.
• Our assets are our people and reputation for quality. We make no compromises when it comes to maintaining them.
We strive to full comply with the rules and ethical principles that govern us.
• We aim at providing excellent diagnostic services and we are the first to claim responsibility if some thing goes
off the track. We expect our employees to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do, both in personal
and professional capacities.
• Team work is our tried and tested formula. Although we encourage individual creativity, we have found that team
effort often produce the best results.
• We consider our size to be an asset. We want to be big enough to undertake even the largest project our clients
demand, yet small enough to maintain the loyalty, cohesion and the esprit de corps within the organization.
• CCL health services tries to accommodate changing needs of our clients and develop new services to meet them. In
a fast-paced and hi-tech industry like ours, incompetence will only lead to extinction.
• Our clients entrust us with their confidence and confidential information and we keenly guard them.
• We seek to adopt fair means in a highly competitive industry.
• CCL believes in simplicity: in thought and in action. This is imperative for our results oriented business
• We work towards continuous education of our employees and customers.


Read above instructions carefully.

To get reports by SMS, give your mobile no at the time of registration of tests.
To get reports by E-mail, please provide your personal E-mail ID at the time of registration of tests.
All your reports for the past one month will only be sent. No older reports will be sent by SMS/ E-mail or hard copy.

Why do we need Preventive Health Checkup?

“Prevention is better than cure”, “A stitch in time saves nine” are well-known adages. Today more emphasis is placed on the prevention of diseases and promoting health awareness. Growing sedentary lifestyles, increasing stress levels at work place, tempting and enticing food displays, growing disposable incomes, increased addictions to automobiles, all indicate that we give to our body more than what it needs. This has given rise to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and a host for many other lifestyle disorders. With advanced tests and technologies, clinical laboratories can help in identifying various disorders accurately which can be treated completely or at least the progress can be delayed.